The 12 Concepts of OA

The 12 concepts of OA service help up to apply the 12 steps and 12 traditions based on principles in our service work and our common purpose:  to serve those who still suffer from the bondage of food addictions.

Join Us for the Next HVIG Meeting: Sun. April 19, 2020 / 4:45 to 6:00 pm ET


4:45 pm - 6:00 pm ET

605-313-5145 / Participant Code:  837662#


Documents for Group Conscience Review at Feb 9, 2020 Meeting


HVIG stands for the HOW Virtual InterGroup.

All are invited to attend the next HVIG meeting (via phone).  Every two-hour OA HOW phone meeting (currently 11 meetings) can delegate up to two representatives per meeting to attend, make motions, discuss and vote on issues relevant to our fellowship.


Got an agenda item to add to an FUTURE HVIG meeting agenda?

Awesome!  Agenda items will be placed on the list in order received.

What is the OA HOW Virtual InterGroup (HVIG)?

Trusted Servants

Our common purpose is to carry the message of recovery to those who suffer from compulsive eating.  Our fellowship serves the needs of our two-hour OA HOW phone meetings.  Through group conscience, we support this website, a We Care List of contacts, and participate in world service.

Trusted Servants: October 2019 Through September 2020

HVIG Board / Committees

HVIG Board / Committees

HVIG Board / Committees


Volunteer service terms run from October through September and are designed to rotate annually.  HVIG Board positions are usually one-year terms (two-year term for the treasurer) and are filled through group conscience by two-hour OA HOW sponsors.  A minimum of one year of two-hour OA HOW abstinence is required to serve on the board.   

2019 - 2020 Elected Trusted Servants:

  • Chair:  Paige (DE) 703-283-8348
  • Secretary:  Diane (WI) 315-573-1105
  • Treasurer:  Deborah (MI) 586-612-8600
  • Virtual Trustee:  Dora P +55 12988422521
  • WSO Business Conference Delegate:  Jenny C 240-483-9404
  • Virtual Region Rep:  Howard (MN) 952-930-1212
  • Virtual Region Treasurer:  Deborah (MI) 586-612-8600
  • We Care List Coordinator:  Linda S (CT) 203-499-8744
  • We Care List Committee Members: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
  • Telegram APP Coordinators:  NEED NAMES AND PHONE NUMBERS
  • Website Committee Chair:  Audrey (MN) 952-239-5525
  • Website Committee Members:   Susan W; Linda S; Howard; Diane; Julie R; Paige; Cathy S; Kim 

HVIG Meeting Reps

HVIG Board / Committees

HVIG Board / Committees


Currently, there are 11 two-hour OA HOW phone meetings listed on our website.  As per the HVIG Bylaws, each meeting can delegate two fellows to participate in the HVIG, bring ideas, suggestions, requests to the HVIG for discussion and voting.  Since the HVIG's purpose is to serve the needs of the meetings, meeting reps are an essential part of our service body.

2019 - 2020 Elected Meeting Reps:

  • Sundays 3 pm ET:  1.  Jenny C (MD) / 2. OPEN
  • Sundays 6 pm ET:  1.  Julie R (CA) / 2. OPEN
  • Mondays 8 pm ET:  1.  Caroline (OH) / 2.  OPEN
  • Tuesdays 12:30 pm ET:  1.  OPEN / 2.  OPEN
  • Tuesdays 8 pm ET:  1.  Howard (MN) / 2. OPEN
  • Wednesdays 8 pm ET:  1.  Nancy P (MN) / 2 Maggie Rose (BC Canada)
  • Thursdays 12:30 pm ET:  1.  OPEN / 2.  OPEN
  • Thursdays 6:30 pm ET:  1.  Pamela K / 2 OPEN
  • Fridays 8 pm ET:  1.  Linda W (MA) / 2.  OPEN
  • Saturdays 6 am ET:  1.  Cathy S / 2.  Susan W
  • Saturdays 10:30 am ET:  1.  OPEN / 2. OPEN

HVIG Meeting Minutes

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