How To Connect with the Two-Hour OA HOW Fellowship


The We Care List

The We Care List is a confidential telephone list of members who work the two-hour OA HOW program. In OA HOW, we make at least three outreach calls daily.  The We Care List is a tool that offers members help in making outreach calls to their fellows, as well as finding an available sponsor. 

We Care List Updates

Updates about the We Care List


NOTE:  At the Feb 9th HVIG meeting, trusted servants voted through group conscience to approve creating a new We Care List.  The new We Care List will have members and sponsors who are working the two-hour OA HOW format. Please stay tuned for more updates!    


Join the Telegram Two-Hour OA HOW Recovery Messaging Group:

As per OA guidelines, the HVIG  does not endorse or lend the OA or HVIG to any outside enterprises.  HVIG does not endorse one app over another.  

The Telegram app was selected by trusted servants and approved through group conscience at the HVIG December 2019 meeting.  New members welcome!

A cell phone resource was created to support all members of the two-hour OA HOW program.  The 24-7 interactive group connects people from around the world to connecting through outreach calls, finding a sponsors, emergency food changes and more.  Since the group operates over the internet, it's free to make and receive calls if your cell service is in WIFI or mobile coverage areas.   

Step One:  Download the Telegram APP:  CLICK HERE